MDA Group headquartered in Bangalore, India, was founded in 1993 by K. Prakash Venkatraman, who has more than 30 years experience in the manufacturing and marketing of abrasives.

Today, MDA is a leading manufacturer of abrasive products such as Individually Coated Abrasive Fibre Discs, Flap Wheels, Flap Discs, PSA, Velcro Discs and Depressed Center Discs (DCD). MDA is also one of the largest stockists of Abrasive Grains used for Bonded / Coated, Cutting / Polishing, Blasting, Refractory and other applications.

In addition to our own brands "Hi-Tech" (Zircon), "TuFF" (Ceramic) and "Power" (BFA) that are sold in the market, we also undertake Private Labeling for other companies and are proud to count several leading MNCs among our clientele.