Products are manufactured at our fully integrated ISO 9001 certified facility in Bangalore.


MDA has a captive phenolic resin plant within the factory premises to manufacture their proprietary resin grades and resin mixes used to coat fibre discs.

State of the art electrostatic machines are used to individually coat the fibre with Zirconia Alumina, Aluminium Oxide, Ceramic or Silicon Carbide grains with precise deposition to get maximum sharp edges for grinding. With multiple machines we can change over from one grit or size to another in the shortest possible time to deliver maximum value to our customers.


Automatic machine for compacting flaps in a dust free atmosphere for precise setting of flaps in flanges is used. Have facility to make upto 350mm Dia Flap Wheels using the best adhesives to deliver unmatched quality in performance of wheels.


MDA has an automatic German machine manufactured by Helmut Weiss GmbH to manufacture a variety of Flap Discs in different sizes. This machine is capable of making combination Flapdiscs (flaps of two Grits/two Abrasives like Alo and Zircon or abrasive flap and non-woven flaps, non woven flap discs etc.).


MDA has an automatic laminating machine with in-built printing facility for lamination of Velcro, glue application for PSA and release paper. This gives a very consistent end product at very economical cost as the wastage (of both glue and fabrics) is minimised.


As complete Abrasive Disc suppliers, we have a separate line for the manufacture of resin bonded discs. In this plant we make DCDs of 100, 125 and 180mm(4,5 and 7 inche) dia wheels with different thicknesses.


An ultra-modern PLC controlled machine which can handle upto 1,650mm width rolls is used for Slitting and Winding of abrasive rolls. After lamination, the rolls can be punched in a fully automatic punching machine. We also have a smaller slitting machine (upto 13mm) for the manufacture of feed rolls for flap discs and flap wheels.