Abrasive Fibre Discs

MDA offers a complete range of Abrasive Discs designed to provide optimum cut-rate and longer life. To satisfy the exacting standards of productivity at economical cost MDA offers

Hi Tech: Made with highest quality Zirconia Alumina Grains.

MDA TuFF: Made with the the latest Ceramic grains for very fast stock removal.

POWER: Made with Aluminiam Oxide grains both heat-treated Blue and regular.The discs have an excellent resin bond system which is developed in-house with heavy duty abrasive grade vulcanized fibre imported from globally reputed manufacturers in Germany, Japan and other countries. All these discs are designed for consistent performance and uniform finish.Apart from this MDA offers Velcro, PSA Discs suitable for every application.

Available in 4 inch, 5 inch and 7 inch Aluminum Oxide and Zirconia (Grit Size from 24 to 120).

In addition to our own brands, MDA also undertakes "Private Labeling" for other companies. We count many leading multinationals and large corporates among our clientele, which is a testament to our quality and reliability.